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Apex Tool Group LLC

Charlotte, NC

Crescent Lufkin

Chalk Reels

The latest and greatest from Crescent Apex. This is their new line of Chalk Reels which are chalked full of innovation. From a quick one-way fill valve to the easy twist dial locking hub, these bad boys are ready for anything.

Crescent Lufkin didn't have much presence on the shelves when it came to Chalk Reels, however the history and knowledge were there. Along with that knowledge, thorough on-site user research was needed in order to fully understand the pain points of the consumer.


In order to innovate, I was able to use our partnerships in the trades to procure a relationship with Habitat for Humanity in order to gain deeper insight. The end result is a family of products that not only out perform the competition, they outshine it.  

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