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Golden, CO


lantern statue

There are few products which embody true American and family values more than the Coleman lantern. As a designer I think its is important to honor such products and the legacy they have created.


That being said, our Industrial Design team was approached to create a large commemorative Lantern Statue for our corporate office in Golden, CO, and I leapt and the opportunity. Having a sentimental connection with this particular product and its connection to my past, I asked to lead the project.


Once my concepts were reviewed and a selection was made, I got to work building the goliath. The statue had to be designed from scratch and had to be assembled and wired on site. Our world class model shop team helped with structural and assembly solutions, while our Tool and Die team shaved down solid chunks of Aluminum to meet our design intent. After a polish and a final coat of paint the lantern came to life. The Statue features a working lighting system, and is designed to be disassembled and cleaned similarly to an actual lantern. Today the lantern stands proudly on display at Coleman's Wichita headquarters and still shines bright for all to see.

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