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Just In! Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reels

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The latest and greatest from Crescent Apex. This is their new line of Chalk Reels which are chalked full of innovation. From a quick one-way fill valve to the easy to use twist dial locking hub, these bad boys are ready for anything.

For too long, professionals have had to deal with chalk reels that are messy, inefficient and poorly built. That's why Crescent Lufkin is launching its new line of chalk reels, designed to erase the most common problems with the competition's products.

The new chalk reels from Crescent Lufkin put those problems to bed.

Crescent chalk reels are feature-rich in order to make every pro’s work easier.

I was fortunate to be picked as Lead Designer for this family of products and I loved every minute. In depth on-the-jobsite analysis of how users interact with these products and countless hours working with Engineering to develop high quality end results, drove this success. Along with the Chalk Reels themselves, I was also able to try my hand at bottle design with a full line of chalk bottles. While balancing ergonomics with our visual brand language, we achieved a cohesive look which matched our intent. Click Here for more!

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