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Golden, CO


Puck Light

The Coleman Puck Light was originally proposed as a compact light which could handle the rough and tumble innards of a jumbled backpack. As the design process got underway it became clear we had an opportunity to build upon our legacy and create much more.

Playing off the success of the Pack-Away Lantern, we wanted a product with more versatility and with more features to appeal to the Thru-Hikers of the world. With alternate lighting scenarios this lantern has the ability to work while compact or expanded. The push button light built into the base is create for direct illumination while being hung, and while expanded an incredible 250 Lumen area spread offers a larger light blanket. Offered in both rechargeable Lithium Ion and standard battery versions, the preference of the user is available.


“I love the Coleman Pack-Away Puck Light 250”

-Huffington Post

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